3-6 Dice: Bitcoin Dice

Bitcoin Dice

3-6 Dice is a provably fair dice game featuring chat and the option to invest in the site. Players can pay a small fee to get a premium chat name if they desire. Deposits and withdrawals are instant so users don’t have to wait at all to start playing or cash out. Betting on 3-6 Dice can earn up to 100x a bet, and the return to player is 99.1%. To start playing, create an inputs.io account or log in from 3-6 Dice. Then deposit Bitcoins to the provided address.


  • Provably fair
  • Chat with other players
  • Users can invest in the site
  • Multipliers and chances shown next to bet options
  • Win up to 100x a bet
  • 99.1% return to player
  • Minimum bet is .00005 BTC