Apophenia: Bitcoin Guessing Game

Bitcoin Picture Guessing Game

Apophenia is a puzzle game. Solve the picture which becomes more clearer as more people play. There are hints, and previous incorrect guesses that can help players make good guess. The site has different preset bets for each picture. 50% of each bet is kept by the site, so if a picture goes unresolved money can be put into a pot for a new picture. One can look at the history of the site to figure out how fair it is (and users agree that the site is fair). No accounts are required, just pick a picture, make a guess, and send in Bitcoins to see if that guess is right. Affiliates earn 5% of the income on all bets made through the affiliate link.


  • Game owner is trusted in the Bitcoin community
  • Only one confirmation is needed on transactions
  • Guessing on pictures is simple and fast
  • Email address for support is provided